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For the heating and cooling Rowville locals can rely on, call the industry experts who have been providing high-quality solutions for over 30 years. Keeping your home or workplace at the ideal temperature is simple when you have the right heating and cooling solutions in place.

Most space heaters, fans, or coolers that are cheap to purchase will end up costing you in the long run, as they struggle to work efficiently, especially in extreme weather conditions, in large rooms, or open-plan spaces.

Having the right heating or cooling system tailored to meet your needs and the requirements of the building it is placed in will help you save on your energy bills and remain comfortable year-round, as you reap the benefits of an efficient and effective temperature control system.

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Air Conditioning Rowville

Air conditioning technology continues to evolve, so why not ask the Fairbairns Heating & Cooling team about the range of innovative air conditioning solutions available on the market today. From simple wall hung split systems for smaller spaces to ducted air conditioning, Rowville locals will find expert advice on all that is available when they call the team at Fairbairns.

One of the most important considerations when choosing an air conditioning unit or system is to ensure that it is capable of effectively cooling the space. A unit that is not equipped to handle these demands will only end up costing you more in the long run.

For those who require both heating and cooling from the one system, we offer a range of compact, yet capable reverse cycle split systems. Rowville locals who wish to know whether a dual, or separate systems, will provide them with the best temperature control winter and summer can call Fairbairns for advice and a comprehensive quote.

Ducted Heating Rowville

If you are considering ducted heating for your Rowville home or small business, then ask us for a quote, and we will send one of our senior installers to you for a thorough assessment and competitive quote. Because this is done by an experienced technician, rather than a salesperson, you will receive a very accurate quote, and a good idea of the timeframe needed to complete installation of your new ducted heating system.

We also provide gas ducted heating repairs, servicing, and cleaning, to help keep your heating system operating effectively and safely throughout its lifetime after the manufacturer’s warranty period has ended. 

Evaporative Cooling Rowville

Evaporative cooling is often favoured by allergy and asthma sufferers who prefer the moistened air, that is less likely to carry allergens and other particulates. This cooling method is also favoured by those who dislike the feeling of being cooped up indoors, as the evaporative cooling in your Rowville home or workplace will actually work more effectively when doors and windows are open for a constant exchange of fresh air.

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