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When it comes to heating and cooling, Berwick residents should look no further than Fairbairns Heating & Cooling.

Fairbairns Heating & Cooling are committed to providing quality air conditioning installation and service in Berwick and surrounds, with a particular focus on wall-hung and ducted split systems, evaporative cooling systems, and gas ducted heating. Berwick residents can rely on us for expert advice, world-class products, quality installations and ongoing service – simply call us today for customised air conditioning for your Berwick home or small business.

Fairbairns Heating & Cooling provide a complete range of heating and cooling solutions in Berwick and surrounds. Whether you want an evaporative cooler to provide fresh air during the summer, gas underfloor heating for Melbourne’s brutal winters or all-year-round heating and cooling, Berwick residents should look no further than Fairbairns Heating & Cooling.

Evaporative Cooling Berwick

Air Conditioning Berwick

Our team also specialise in the installation of split systems for Berwick properties, which has become an increasingly popular climate control option thanks to its energy-efficiency and ease of operation. These are available as both wall-hung and ducted systems.

Rather than sending out salespeople, our senior technicians are the ones who will provide your quote. This allows us to quote accurately for both price and timeframe. It also ensures that you get the right air conditioning unit to handle your cooling needs.

Ducted Heating Berwick

One of the most popular heating solutions we offer is gas ducted heating, a system known for its efficiency and the consistency of the heat it generates. Additionally, families with young children or curious pets are best off installing gas ducted heating at their Berwick home as opposed to other heating systems, as the heating unit for the ducts is well out of reach and therefore doesn’t present a burn hazard like radiators or portable heaters can.

Evaporative Cooling Berwick

One of the most popular climate control systems available on the market today is evaporative cooling. Berwick locals looking for a refreshing cooling solution, as opposed to one that dries out your skin and eyes, can count on evaporative cooling. Using water to operate, evaporative cooling distributes naturally fresh, cool air throughout your home.

Fairbairns not only can offer installation of a new evaporative cooler at your property,  we can provide the ongoing maintenance and cleaning service that keeps it operating at its very best once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Don’t risk yourself or the smooth operation of the unit itself by trying to do it yourself. If you think it’s time your evaporative cooling unit has a clean or a service and it is out of warranty with the manufacturer, call the team at Fairbairns Heating & Cooling.

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